Azadeh Chubin Azadeh Chubin

Colours have dominated my life, which has been rich with cultures, diversity and so many influences from so many different parts of the world.

I’m an Iranian woman who was born and raised in the lovely international city of Geneva.
My travels around the world enable me to find my source of inspiration in all the different cultures and settings that I encounter. My art and design studies have brought me to the vibrant city of New York (Parsons School of Design), the beautiful city of Florence and the wonderful city of Paris..

I have painted all my life. What makes me happy is sharing the surprising mixture of colours that I gather from  everyday life and my imagination.

New adventures, new homes and new communities are what I continue to seek. Much of what influences my work is India, where colour predominates every setting. As a painter, it is a treat for my eyes. Like the music that I love, colour is what brings me the most happiness.

My art reflects freedom, after all it is what my name Azadeh means.

So enjoy!
Azadeh Chubin